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Cronjob to get last_visit of user

Cronjob to get last_visit of user

Monday 29 October 2012 7:52:23 pm - 3 replies

I want to run a cronjob that get the last_visit of all users and send some Emails according to the Last_visit.

Sending Email is no problem, I have already done it, the problem is how to go through all users and get their last_visit !!

Any help ? any clue ? any similar cronjobs doing that ?


All Ideas are welcome and I apreciate it

Monday 29 October 2012 8:36:54 pm

Hi Amir,

You will probably have to write a php file which you can call from the cronjob. To get the user timestamp related to last visit check the following two links:

Regards, Robin

Thursday 01 November 2012 4:25:41 pm

Thanks a lot Robin ,

I have a user Group , and I want to go through all users of this user group by this PHP functions but it does not work !

$children = $rootNode->subTree();


do you have any Idea of how to fetch the users and then test the last_visit one by one ?!



Thanks again for help

Thursday 01 November 2012 5:42:20 pm

 $allUsers = eZUser::fetchContentList();

This works for me to Fetch all the users and now I need to get Last_visit which is not an attribute , but the Last_visit which is defined in eZ Publish for Current Logged_in user and not all users , how can I define lastvisit to work like that :

 $allUsers = eZUser::fetchContentList();
 foreach ($allUsers as $user)

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