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Curious new template operator tool_bar

Curious new template operator tool_bar

Saturday 31 July 2004 7:06:08 pm - 11 replies

I feel that this new template operator violates the ez design model, because it makes heavy use of static html in the operator's functional code instead of using .tpl-files to control toolbar-rendering. Why has this design-approach been chosen? Do you plan to maintain it in future ez-releases?

Friday 06 August 2004 3:46:33 pm

Volker, we totally agree. This was a slip from our side. This needs to be fixed.


Saturday 07 August 2004 2:27:56 am

Hi Bård

> Volker, we totally agree. This was a slip from our side. This needs to be fixed.

Just confirming that this functionality will stay in ezPublish but be brought into line with the general ez design model?


Tuesday 10 August 2004 10:32:19 am

Yes, this functionality will not be removed. But it will need to be cleaned up, add templates for it.


Friday 27 August 2004 8:00:05 pm

What is the timeline for the change? I posted a detailed thread about this, before I was aware of this one:


Friday 27 August 2004 8:58:04 pm

I added these bugs sometime ago, which are relevant:


Monday 30 August 2004 6:20:59 am


Here is a thread regarding this very issue and some positive
suggestions to users resolving the issue (temporarily) now:


eminem : rock bottom

Friday 03 September 2004 9:16:30 pm

A basic time line for these fixes would be much appreciated!


Modified on Friday 03 September 2004 9:18:01 pm by Alex Jones

Monday 06 September 2004 10:15:00 am

We will fix this for 3.5.

Tuesday 07 September 2004 3:29:57 pm

Thank you Frederik! It is great to know that this will be addressed. big-smile.gif Emoticon

Monday 13 September 2004 2:37:52 pm


We have reimplemented toolbar operator and removed all html code. Fixes is available in svn 8010. We added three variables which can be used in every tool.tpl: first( true, false), last(true, false), placement ( first, last, ""blunk.gif Emoticon. Here is the line view example of login.tpl.

{section show=$first}
<li class="toolbar-item {$placement}">
{section show=eq($current_user.is_logged_in)}
<a href={"/user/login"|ezurl}>{"Login"|i18n("design/standard/toolbar")}</a>&nbsp;
<a href={"/user/logout"|ezurl}>{"Logout"|i18n("design/standard/toolbar")}({$})</a>&nbsp;
{section show=$last}

Wednesday 15 September 2004 3:33:07 pm

That is great Wenyue, thanks!


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