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Custom Delete Handler

Custom Delete Handler

Friday 11 January 2008 5:40:44 pm - 4 replies


When I delete a object, eZ publish doesn't empty caches, and doesn't enter in my custom edit handler too.

do you know if a custom delete handler exist in eZ publish.


Friday 11 January 2008 5:53:20 pm

Hello again Frédéric,

I don't think this feature exists yet in eZ Publish.

You may wish to file an enhancement request in the issue tracker,

Here is a thread similar in topic,


Sunday 23 February 2014 2:43:35 am


After 3 years, I'd like to know if is this now available with the latest versión of ezpublish legacy?



Friday 26 August 2016 2:30:19 pm

Hi !

same here after 2 more years, i am wondering if it has been implemented ?

EDIT : Is it ok to override function remove of eZContentObjectOperations class ?


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Friday 26 August 2016 3:48:09 pm

If some kernel funcionalities are not available and you want to make an improvement, you can override kernel class using the file /var/autoload/ezp_override.php


You have to allow Kernel Override in /config.php

Just copy and past the file you want to override, and leave a lot of comments of your modifications, you'll be able to update your php file merging your modifications with the updated source file.

Dont forget to check File Integrity before updating on /[admin_siteaccess]/setup/systemupgrade


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