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Custom error handling with eZ 4.x

Custom error handling with eZ 4.x

Wednesday 12 September 2012 6:05:18 pm


We are working on a project where we need to handle errors internally. These errors are typically integrations that fail. If this is the case we need to inform the user that something wen wront and instead of using the inbuild error codes pertaining to eZPublish , we would like to include the proper http code returned by our backend curl call.

I have been looking at error handling with error.ini ,but trying to use rerun yields weird results. We dod no get our ouptut as expected.

Our goal would be to do the following:

backend service fails -> forward to an internal page in eZ publish where we can output both the header of this error as well as including our own template.

Any good examples on how to do this?

Update: Turns out that the global variables in eZ puzzled me.

We actually inialized $Result variable and set an index 'path' which was empty. This led to the fact that the result content was not included..

It works now.

Be aware that global variables may cause issues..

Lookin forward to eZ5 nowhappy.gif Emoticon

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