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Custom table query

Custom table query

Wednesday 22 January 2014 3:33:24 pm - 3 replies


recently I started working with ezPublish ( 5.2 ), and I have created my own  tables,

well now I'm stuck at the point where I need to get data from this tables...

I tried searching how to and didn't find many results ( quite a few on the old versions ), one option would be to use "Doctrine" from symfony2, but I see it's not "included" ...

any links/step-by-step-explanation is welcome

Wednesday 22 January 2014 4:16:44 pm

One of the most powerful things about eZ Publish is that you can do stuff without creating your own tables. Of course this depends on the use case. If you are talking about content then you should create content types (classes) in the ez backend, if you need some very special features then you might need to create your own tables.

In the legacy there was the eZPersistentObject class for kind of database abstraction. If you are using eZ publish 5.* I would recommend to go with Doctrine for your own tables, its not included by default but you can install it via composer easily.  

Wednesday 22 January 2014 7:19:24 pm


thx, as I thought sad.gif Emoticon

I tried to install the Doctrine with composer, it installs but in the end it isn't seen by the symphony ( nothing in console, nothing in the files which should load it ... ) hoever there are appearing new files ( and folders ),

if someone could write a small step-by-step would be much appreciated

p.s: all the tests was made on " eZ Publish Community Project 2013.11 "

pss: if you look in the vendor folder there is already a "doctrine" folder

Wednesday 22 January 2014 10:04:00 pm

If you are searching help with Doctrine its better to check the Symfony site, as it doesn't have much to do with eZ:

Good luck blunk.gif Emoticon 


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