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custom user class problem

custom user class problem

Friday 02 October 2009 12:40:41 pm - 4 replies

I created the user in a location other than mysite_admin / Users, I have created in mysite_admin / Content / mygroup_user but I can not connect with these accounts in F-O.

Here is my setup:


is there something I forgot?

Friday 02 October 2009 3:29:39 pm

You have to place the user class in a class-group
and You'll need to mention that group in the site.ini with your user class


Monday 06 June 2011 10:20:41 am


for me I'm trying to customize user class  twice.

first for customer, second for provider.

with different form for every one.

Customers and providers  have to create there account in front office.

How can I put up this ?


Thank you so much.

Monday 06 June 2011 11:21:19 pm

@Hassan: if you want the users to go through user/register, I'm afraid you should set up two separate siteaccesses, and change the UserClassId parameter.

Or you can create a custom module/view that uses a different class for the user objects based on some other conditions...

Thursday 09 June 2011 5:24:27 pm

thanks Giunta

I think the second solution is better (module/view).

my worry now is that I have to allow visitors to create two different account 'employee' and 'employer' with different attributs for each one.

and when the employee or employer  click a link  register (user/register), I have to disolay two different forms according to who try to create account.

and where the emplyee account is created, he can select some employers in a list  that I have to add theme to the user object by  related objects.

if you have any idea keep me in touch

thank you so much.



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