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Custom workflows not working

Custom workflows not working

Friday 04 April 2003 10:36:01 pm - 3 replies

OK. I followed the tutorial from the sdk for setting up the custom helloworld workflow -- made sure the .tpl and .php files were in the right place, created the new workflow in the admin interface and assigned the new workflow to the content-read-before trigger (also via the admin interface).

So now I should be seeing the output from the helloworldtype.php script before any page in the site loads, right?

Wrong -- pages are loading normally. No change i behaviour after I assigned the workflow to the trigger.

What am I missing here?


- kent

Saturday 05 April 2003 12:58:20 pm

Does this thread help you?

Saturday 05 April 2003 6:01:19 pm

I'd already read that thread and tracked down the workflow.php script and had run it in order to populate the admin interface's list of available event types properly.

Running workflow.php again doesn't seem to help with getting the workflows to run on the appropriate trigger, though.

- kent

Wednesday 09 April 2003 4:14:11 pm

I have about the same problem. Using ezPublish 3.0.1, the "Event/Hello User" does not seem to be functioning as expected.

Have you tried the "Event/Wrapping" workflow? That one works for me.


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