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Customizing an attribute's view

Customizing an attribute's view

Wednesday 09 March 2011 12:50:16 pm - 3 replies


How can i modify - with php customs methods - the way an attribute is viewed ?

In concrete terms i have to modify the way ezprice amount is displayed depending on some custom predefined rules.

I've checked ini files and have seen in datatype.ini a [ViewSettings] with GroupedInput[] variable : Is there a way to use this to intercalate some clean php code between kernel ezprice.php and the {$attribute.value} ?

Thanx in advance !

Wednesday 09 March 2011 1:08:04 pm


Do you mean you want to change/clean the price that is actually displayed? Like {$attribute.value|do_something_before_outputting}?

Wednesday 09 March 2011 2:37:29 pm

You can for example add a custom template operator which take in parameters the price and return a string with the price modifier like you want

Wednesday 09 March 2011 3:32:28 pm

Uhm yes of course i can do that...thanx for the help


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