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Date field on a form

Date field on a form

Sunday 16 January 2011 1:19:17 pm - 4 replies


I've created a new class. This class is a form. I put a date field. The English date format is year/month/day and I would like to appear month/day/year. Where should I change this?

Another issue is that when I insert the form somewhere in the front, appears a calendar to select a date, but when it is inserted and a user fills the fields, the calendar doesn't appear. How can I make it appear?



Monday 17 January 2011 8:08:30 am

you need to make your own template for that. take a loot at how this works in ez publish.


Monday 17 January 2011 7:37:51 pm

Yes, I'm using my own template, but don't know what instructions should I use to do this. Do I have to use some features of the eZ object or code TPL?

Tuesday 18 January 2011 1:19:27 pm

You have to code your own tpl file.

Override content/datatype/edit/ezdate.tpl with your own and play with date parts order or add a date widget.


Tuesday 18 January 2011 9:06:24 pm

Thanks. If i have another doubt about it i'll let you know.

On the issue of getting the calendar. I copied the admin page "ezdate" template. Now I see the image of the calendar, but doesn't work.

One other thing. How are CSS overwritten?


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