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Developing contributions at

Developing contributions at

Saturday 10 May 2003 12:51:42 pm - 11 replies

I notice Gabriel's ezcalendar contribution is starting to fill up the contributions section with new versions. Are better ways to handle changes to contributions forthcoming on the site?

I was wondering if it would even be possible to start up svn repositories here at some point for particular projects with particular users given access to it ala sourceforge. If not what would be the recommended ez way of going about this so that in the end the contributions come back to ez3?


Modified on Saturday 10 May 2003 3:05:38 pm by Paul Forsyth

Monday 12 May 2003 12:45:05 pm

We will make it possible to upload new releases etc. to a specific contribution.

If there are several people working on an extension we can create a svn reposotory for that project.

Any input on how we can improve the contribution part on is greatly appreciated.


Tuesday 13 May 2003 10:55:58 am

Maybe you could allow replies to comments without having to vote, or commenting without voting.


Tuesday 13 May 2003 11:14:58 am

Some more wishes:

Make the entry editable by 'self'

Make the description an xml field with OE enabled.


Tuesday 13 May 2003 1:02:22 pm

I agree with the above and would like to see a revision history so you can see who changed what when.

Tuesday 13 May 2003 2:13:56 pm

And even a forum for a contribution, if it is popular?

Not sure if ez have covered this with 3.1 and upcoming changes but could contributors have some form of profile which may give out their email (should they allow)?

Tuesday 13 May 2003 4:36:27 pm

Another suggestion: Group contributions by category.


Tuesday 13 May 2003 4:47:18 pm

Very good, I'd second this. happy.gif Emoticon
Something along the lines of this:

Don't worry, I am not moving to Typo3, that was just an example. blunk.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 14 May 2003 1:20:51 pm

Actually something like the Typo3 listing wouldn't be too hard I guess. Most if not everything can easily done with ezpublish 3 and some templating.

Thursday 15 May 2003 4:07:51 pm

Some improvements have been done the contributions.
- Messages for contributions on developer frontpage links to contribution not the message
- Similar text display for contributions and comments as on forum messages.
- Possiblity to edit own contributions.
- Possiblity to write comment without vote and textual descriptions on the votes instead of numbers.

When we get more time we will add more functionality to the contributions, something similar to Typo3.

Thursday 15 May 2003 5:06:05 pm

Thanks happy.gif Emoticon

Modified on Thursday 15 May 2003 5:06:31 pm by Tony Wood

Friday 16 May 2003 12:56:48 pm

Great. Thanks.


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