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Difference between main_node_id and object_id

Difference between main_node_id and object_id

Sunday 06 December 2015 4:00:22 am - 1 reply



It would be greatly appreciated if you share your knowledge about the difference between main_node_id and object_id.


what's the difference between the following codes?

1. {cache-block keys=array($current_user.contentobject_id) expiry=0 subtree_expiry=$current_user.contentobject.main_node_id}

2. {cache-block keys=array($current_user.contentobject.main_node_id) expiry=0 subtree_expiry=$current_user.contentobject.main_node_id}


Thank you very much for your time to look at this.

Thursday 14 January 2016 10:21:22 am


The object_id is the unique id of a content.

The main_node_id is the unique id of the content main location in the content tree.


*** If you create a cache block with $current_user.contentobject.main_node_id key, It will generate a cache for each location of $current_user. *** --> no it's wrong! sorry

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