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Different location for different language

Different location for different language

Thursday 28 March 2013 4:09:17 pm - 2 replies

Is there anyway to have a product in eZPublish that lives in a certain location for one language (let's say ENG) and in another location for another language (DE)? I noticed that if you add a location to a product, it's added for all languages, which I do not want.

The version of eZPublish that I am using is 4.0.1.


Friday 29 March 2013 7:58:01 pm

The standard way to have multilanguages in eZ is to have different siteaccess, one pr language.

If you configure eZ to have the siteaccess name in the url instead of using the hostname, maybe this will give a similar result to what you want...

Tuesday 02 April 2013 1:19:23 pm

The thing here is that language versions are tied to content objects, not nodes (nodes define the location), so you have all the translations related to every node of an object. 

But, if you define a siteacess per language, on the frontend you should be able to access only objects that have appropriate translations (unless you check "Use the main language if there is no prioritized translation." checkbox)


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