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Different ower/heirarchy setup needed

Different ower/heirarchy setup needed

Thursday 17 April 2003 6:19:06 pm - 5 replies

Okay, I'm needing to accomplish the following. First, let's start with what I have now. A certan user class I've made (let's call it myUser) can create content in certain Sections, and can edit only content they own. This works fine.

Now, when I need is for multiple users of the myUser class to access any content than any other user of the myUser class created provided the two users belong to the same Company (let's call that class myCompany)

So, what seems to me what needs to be done is this. The myCompany class will hold all the myUser objects that belong to that company. Any content created by those users will become owned by the company, so they each have access to eachother's content.

Making sense?

Either the above solution, or I need to be able to create a different option to bind policy restrictions to the owner other than the existing "any" and "self" options.

Or maybe I need both ?

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Friday 18 April 2003 4:52:49 pm

What's wrong with user groups and adding them to the role that covers editing of a given section?

(maybe I didn't really understand you're problem, this seems awfully obvious blunk.gif Emoticon

Friday 18 April 2003 5:47:43 pm

Yes, but unless I'm mistaken, that won't help my content-ownership problem. I can restrict editing to ANY owner in a given section, but I don't want to have to create a new section for each company. Not only would that be a hassle, but I just feel that's the wrong way to go about things.

What I need to do is restrict editing/access to any user that's in the same company. The role-policy systems doesn't provide an interface to allow me to restrict access by the user's group. The restriction setup (for editing) is as follows

Content-Class >> Section >> Owner

the way I see it, in the existing role system, I need to be able to specify a different owner other than "Any" or "Self"

Modified on Friday 18 April 2003 5:53:22 pm by Peter Bailey

Friday 18 April 2003 6:42:40 pm

It would think it is perfectly sane to have a different section for each company?

In fact, if I were the customer I wouldn't particularly like it to even be on the same installation than my competitor. Imagine what happens if there is permission fuck up somewhere... But as always, YMMV.

Monday 21 April 2003 7:14:49 pm

Okay, unless I can wrap my brain around this situation in a more efficient manner, creating a new section and associated roles for each new company seems like a terrible headache (this would need to be done automatically, not babysat by an admin)

I'd much rather have pre-defined sections and roles that apply to each company. Really, what I need to be able to do is change ownership of content to the user-group (or a custom class that's like a group)

Wednesday 23 April 2003 10:04:43 am

The only way for now to achieve this for now is sections. You can automate some things with workflows. I think in 3.1 will come a possibility to create limitations to the subtree in that case you scenario will be easier to build.


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