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Document new Ez Publish 4.4 features

Document new Ez Publish 4.4 features

Wednesday 29 September 2010 7:56:29 am - 4 replies

Hello community!

I'm glad for the new Ez Publish release and this new features. However looking for documentation, I didn't found any place. Github repository only describe some ones in, but others like Ez Publish REST API and Content Archive aren't documented yet.

So, if someone has information regarding to this topic, please share the link or attach the documents.

Modified on Wednesday 29 September 2010 8:46:18 am by Bayron Guevara

Wednesday 29 September 2010 10:09:24 am

The REST API is supposed to be release as an ad-on (extension sort of), with documentation included. I hear they are working on it. No idea when it will arrive.

Wednesday 29 September 2010 10:21:04 am

Hi guys,

@Bayron : is your heaven.

@Felix, Bayron : the REsT API developer preview will be published in a few minutes, stay tuned ! We are wrapping this up in a shiny goldy red package now happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 29 September 2010 10:26:02 am

A few dozen of minutes, please, Nicolas blunk.gif Emoticon

Stay tuned, people, we haven't forgotten you.

Friday 01 October 2010 10:27:18 am

It is all there :


You have probably seen this already happy.gif Emoticon

PS : this is my 500th post happy.gif Emoticon Some badge shall soon be given for these things, à-la foursquare/stackoverflow.
Cheers !


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