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email sending fails with smtp

email sending fails with smtp

Thursday 15 December 2016 5:33:19 pm - 1 reply

Hi ,

we are using ezpublish 4.

We have a problem that emails are not sending through smtp.


in site.ini.append we are having settings like comming upto the EZmailTransport:send(),
but email is not sending.please can you give me some suggestions to solve the issue.

Tuesday 14 March 2017 7:28:56 am

Hello Upeksha,

Your mail is prolly being refused by gmail/google by default due to security / anti-spam concerns.

This is different than email not being sent but rather with email being received.

Off the top of my head you prolly do not have proper reverse dns, spf, etc just off the top of my head. These days you just can't send mail without taking proper steps beforehand as big servers refuse to support the old ways because of spam.

I've used the same setup your trying to use in the past and encountered this problem myself.

In my situation my mail delivery was delayed and ended up in the gmail spam folder (I was emailing via eZ Publish to a gmail account).

Let me assure you this is not an eZ Publish problem as eZ Mail is stable (rock solid).

You would be better served by reviewing your mail attempts for errors and checking your gmail spam folder for recommendations from google on why your mail is being either refused, delayed or filtered to the spam folder.

Read this post:

You may find debugging using the class helps, I'm not certain:

I hope this helps!



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