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Embedded Survey Form

Embedded Survey Form

Thursday 11 February 2010 9:03:35 pm - 3 replies

Hey folks, I recently ran into a problem that I need some input on. A quick note, this setup previously worked just fine, however it recently stopped working. Recently stopped working I mean by transferring the site to a different server that is a duplicate of the first.

We currently use ezsurvey for certain contact forms etc. We will build a form and then embed it into our custom frontpage with the Wysiwyg editor. I modified the highlighted object to look as such:


{node_view_gui view=full content_node=$object.main_node}

By making those adjustments and embedding the item with class highligted object, the survey shows up, however it does not want to submit. Whenever the user hits submit it just displays the form again with the filled in information. I'm curious if this could be related to template cache being turned on as well as template compile being turned on.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it.

Final note: The only change that happened was that template compile was turned on as well as template cache.



Modified on Thursday 11 February 2010 10:34:37 pm by Will Hattingh

Sunday 30 May 2010 4:39:24 pm

I am experiencing exactly the same problem. It doesn't seem to be related to caching, because my project is still in development and all caching and compiling is turned off.

I find the problem hard to tackle because there is no debug feedback at all. Any hints appreciated!

Tuesday 03 May 2011 6:37:52 pm

Did you find a fix for this issue?

I have the same thing: ezsurvey validation silently failing. This happened after it was moved from a functional local copy to a test server.

The POST data goes through, but the validation template isn't called. The validation runs, because the form will only submit if required fields are completed. Strange not to get validation.

Thankfully, I have version control, so I will roll back to last known working state. And see if code changes affected it in any way. If not, it may be something obvious like a permissions error on the file system. Or an ini setting out of place.

Tuesday 23 August 2011 9:28:08 pm

Update: This issue was resolved by including EVERY attribute in the form, not just the ones we were rendering. The attributes that we didn't want to show up were rendered as hidden fields.


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