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error, debug and warnig.log are always cleared

error, debug and warnig.log are always cleared

Sunday 22 March 2009 3:38:46 pm - 1 reply


I have a strange behaviour with my ez 4.1, My log files is always cleared. I can have the errors by one tested url each time...

Is it new and normal with 4.1 ? I read the changelog and nothing appears about this.

Someone have an idea ?


Sunday 22 March 2009 4:42:41 pm

After several verifications and particulary in ezdebug class.

There isn't errors, the bug come from the configuration of the virtual machine( with a mount on windows (vboxfs) ).....

I don't understand but fopen ($handler,'a') don't put the pointer a the end of the file.....

In production environnement everything is ok and if I copy the mounted folder in another location in the VM everything is ok.

My conclusion, do not use Vboxfs !



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