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Exclude items from search

Exclude items from search

Tuesday 24 September 2013 10:27:29 am - 4 replies

Hello all,

In eZ 4.7, is it possible to exclude some content objects from the search engine ?

Excluding based on class is not an option because some contents from a specified class should be visible and others not.

Using a specific attribute is not an option because it cannot be filtered on different classes.

I thought about using sections but it seems you can't search within more than one section at a time (all sections or one specific section only).

Do you have any ideas ?


Wednesday 25 September 2013 12:57:04 pm

It is surely possible when using ezfind to filter out data based on an attribute with same name in different classes

Friday 27 September 2013 10:12:50 am


Thanks for your answer. Not sure it is possible to fetch amongst classes filtering on a same-named attribute.

In the doc http://doc.ez.no/Extensions/eZ-Publish-extensions/eZ-Find/eZ-Find-2.7/Customization/Template-fetch-functions it is always specified as "class/attribute" filter.

Friday 27 September 2013 3:36:55 pm

True. You can however just use the solr name of a field, and it will go through ezfind untranslated.

To find all field names as stored in solr, the solr admin console is your friend.

Thursday 17 October 2013 12:09:53 pm

A somewhat slow reply, but I'll add it for history. The obvious solution here is filtering on a content state. Content states are similar to sections, but you can define as many as you want pr.object, and filter on any one of them.

I use them for instance to define which nodes should be shown in a menu.


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