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Excluding views from "LastAccessesURI"

Excluding views from "LastAccessesURI"

Tuesday 02 February 2010 6:04:58 pm - 1 reply


Is it possible to avoid modules view addresses to be recorded in "LastAccessesURI" session var ?

Because when you use ajax or xml asynchronous views their addresses are recorded in the var then when you use a function with redirection it redirects you for example your ajax view.

Thursday 04 February 2010 2:52:05 pm

Hi Martin,

there's an issue about that :

currently there are two ways to fix this :

  1. use the index_ajax.php script for ezjscore or ezcore extensions with some custom rewrite rules on URLs used in your call AJAX
  2. if you wrote your own module/view for your AJAX calls, set the ui_context of your view to 'edit' or 'administration' or 'browse' or 'authentication' (see index.php around line 917)



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