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Existing URL - with number

Existing URL - with number

Friday 30 September 2011 11:47:41 am - 4 replies


eZ add a number by an existing URL - helloworld2
But this for SEO not really good, it is possible to add between "helloworld" and the number a "-" ?

The result should be: helloworld-2 not helloworld2.

Thanks for an answer.


Friday 30 September 2011 4:21:12 pm

No, currently it is not possible.

Friday 30 September 2011 4:27:41 pm

Hi David.


You can not configure eZ Publish to do that.


A dirty solution could be to modify your eZ Publish sources. You can change them easily.

Open the ezurlaliasml.php file and go to the findUniqueText() method.

Change theses lines two times :

 // Every time you find :
$suffix = $uniqueNumber + 1;
// Replace it by
$suffix = '-' . ( $uniqueNumber + 1 );

Normaly, it's work.


See you,


Friday 30 September 2011 9:11:45 pm


I think it's probably possible to achieve this in a proper way with a custom URL Filters.


Tuesday 04 October 2011 7:27:56 pm

Thanks for the answers!

I don't like to change anything in the core, i think i will try with the URL Filters.


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