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Export content objects from staging environment => Import on prod environment

Export content objects from staging environment => Import on prod environment

Monday 15 February 2010 11:44:30 am - 5 replies

Hi all !

I'm looking for a way to export content objects (with several translations) created in a staging environment in order to re-import them in the production environment. I know there is ezxmlinstaller that can work well for that but I'd like to automate the export.

Would it be efficient to use eZXMLExport ?

Thanks !

Thursday 23 August 2012 10:45:01 am

Hello ,
Could you help me please if you have resolve the problem , i've the same issue !


Thursday 23 August 2012 11:01:51 am

I'm using eZ XML Export to export data, transformed using XSL, then re-imported using the Data Import extension.  This only exports objects in the main language, but I'm sure it could be extended to include others.  eZ XML Export runs on a cronjob, and Data Import uses a script, so can do the same.

Have you looked at eZ Content Staging?

Edit: also see my reply to Runing the same xml export in two languages regarding extending eZ XML Export.

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Thursday 23 August 2012 12:39:00 pm

thank you for the response , I've also seen your reply in the other discussion and i'm trying to figure out a solution!
in order to use eZcontent stagging i've to performe a loads of modifications and updates (i'm under a 4.0 version).
i'll keep you in touch ^^ !
cheers !

Friday 16 November 2012 12:10:11 am



does anybody know where I can find a brief tutorial on how to do either

  • ezxmlexport -> ezxmlinstaller
  • ezxmlexport -> data_import
  • other xml export -> ezxmlinstaller
  • other xml export -> data_import

maybe even with attribute mapping by class from source to target installation? Any hints very much appreciated


Best wishes from Bamako



Friday 16 November 2012 1:08:00 am

Here's a brief tutorial for ezxmlexport -> data_import for transferring a single language (the default):

  1. Download and install &
  2. Enabled XSLTransformations in ezxmlexport.ini
  3. Create an export in the admin and choose the data_import.xsl file (if there is a choice)
  4. Run the cronjob script to export the date into the ezxmlexport exports directory
  5. Set the path to the export file generated in extension/data_import/classes/sourcehandlers/xmlhandlers/XMLMultiLanguages.php on line 100
  6. Run the data import script from your eZ Publish root - php extension/data_import/scripts/run.php -i ImportOperator -d XMLMultiLanguages -s your_siteaccess

No guarantees here, so back up all data!


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