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Exporting special (Norwegian et.al.) characters to PDF

Exporting special (Norwegian et.al.) characters to PDF

Thursday 09 November 2006 8:00:18 pm - 1 reply

Hi, I`ve exported a bunch of articles in an EZ-based site to PDF, but can not seem to figure out how to get norwegian special characters ( æ/Æ, ø/Ø, and å/Å) to display correctly. After doing a couple of quick searches on the forum, I`ve gotten the impression there is no good solution to this problem yet - can anybody confirm this, or give me a pointer to any simple and usable solution?

If there is no solution yet; do any of the people on the EZ developer team know when one might be available?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Thursday 16 November 2006 8:33:07 am

It seems this bug is the same as mentioned here:

We'll try to fix it for a norwegian language site today.. update follows.


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