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eZ as a CMS for Multiple User Groups?

eZ as a CMS for Multiple User Groups?

Tuesday 20 May 2003 1:18:35 pm - 1 reply

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating existing systems and development frameworks to allow a small ISP to give users the ability to edit selected content on their Web sites. Most of these Web sites already exist and have a small number of elements that need to change (i.e. "whats new" pages, portfolios, etc.), and often use Flash to generate the content.

What we are looking to build is a way for users to log in to a simple CMS, and be presented with a limited number of items they can change. The sites themselves would ideally simply pull data from the CMS via XML (it needs to be cross-platform since target sites can be PHP, ASP, or CFM). So in this context eZ would be used as a back-end only and some custom output applications would be built using eZSOAP and/or eZXML to feed content to the live sites.

eZPublish is by far the most robust system we have looked at for this project. However, I cannot figure out if it is possible to assign user accounts and/or roles in such a way as to hide user accounts from each other. My dream scenario would be this:
I set up a new group with three users. Those three users would be able to edit content (but not templates) that belong to that group. No problem with eZ. But I would also like to set it up so that those three users could not even see the content that doesn't belong to that group.

Obviously this could be set up by having multiple installs of eZ (one for each group/client). But setup time is increased in this case, and involves system administration time as well. Is it possible to deploy a single eZpublish system in such a way, or should we look at building a custom system using the eZPublish modules as a framework?

Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.


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Tuesday 20 May 2003 7:37:48 pm

Hi Eric

This of course possible happy.gif Emoticon

The way you do this is by assigning sections. You mark one part of the site (a node with all sub-nodes) as one section. You can then set up a policy for this user group to only allow these people to have read access inside this section. Then all content in all other sections are completly hidden from these users.


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