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eZ Find:Number of objects to index: 0

eZ Find:Number of objects to index: 0

Monday 21 November 2011 7:22:49 am - 2 replies

 Hello, everyone!

I have a question about ezfind extension when I installed.

I have installed the java and set up settings/override/site.ini.

When I run php extension/ezfind/bin/php/updatesearchindexsolr.php -s ezwebin_site_clean_admin

it has error information:

eZSearchEngine: Cleaning up search data for current installation id
Starting object re-indexing
Using fork.
Using 2 concurent process(es)
Number of objects to index: 0
Optimizing. Please wait ...
Indexing took 0.57744193077087 secs ( average: 0 objects/sec )
Finished updating the search index.

I don't know why I have set up all in ezpublish.

  Please help me!


Modified on Monday 21 November 2011 8:52:28 am by Cindy Cai

Monday 21 November 2011 3:17:58 pm

Hi yunxia,

Do you have same numbers on solr admin interface ? Check on http://<solr_uri>:8983/solr/admin/stats.jsp on line numDocs et max Docs


Wednesday 30 November 2011 9:43:01 am

Thanks Philippe!

 I don't understand you.

What the same numbers on solr admin interface?

and where have the same numbers on  solr admin interface?

   Please help me!




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