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eZ publish and Turck MMCache

eZ publish and Turck MMCache

Wednesday 03 March 2004 10:40:04 pm - 2 replies

I read in lots of threads that there are problems between eZ publish and Turck MM cache when you have more then 10 eZ Sites running.

Did anybody checked if it was possible to make it work when you turn off eZ publish's cache?

Is the a way to enable Turck MM cache one Site at a time?

Thursday 04 March 2004 1:56:42 am

It works fine with me and I have 2 ez sites running, one with caching off and one with caching on. It took page load time from ~0.9 seconds with ez caching on down to less than 0.2s with ez caching on.

I think with apache 2 (and 1.3???) virtual hosting you can use different php.ini files for each virtual host. Look into that for the ability to turn on mmcache one site at a time.

Friday 05 March 2004 10:50:54 am


I am using turck cache, I've around 10 sites installed.

You can turn on / turn off turck cache for a virtual host in the httpd.conf.

I've turned off the caching of the /var dir. So I am only caching the "program files" of ez, not the cache files.

(You can do some fine tuning in the php.ini).

My settings:


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