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eZ Publish community version announced

eZ Publish community version announced

Wednesday 11 March 2009 9:39:10 pm - 3 replies

Thomas Koch, from the Swiss eZ Systems partner YMC has announced today the launch of an open Git repository for eZ Publish.

Please read Thomas's original announcement and Kristof Coomans blog post about it:

In last couple of years that I have been part of eZ community I have been increasingly worried about the future of the system. To not mince the words, I think it is currently on a slow winding road of stagnation.

Let me explain. I like the system. I like it a lot. Otherwise i would not be using it for 4 years and helping other people every day on the #ezpublish irc. But it took me half a year of blood and tears to be able to love it. This should not be necessary. Being on IRC I very often see new enthusiastic people trying to use it and usually just give up and go to something else that WORKS without the need to spend months to learn and fix it.

Again, dont get me wrong. The deep down the concepts are great, or at least very good! The building blocks are there! eZ can be GREAT cms. Thats why we use and love it!

But you have to learn to be mason and woodworker and roofer and electrician and plumber, because what you get delivered is a truckload of very high quality bricks, sticks, pipes and wire. eZ systems has all the necessary specialists who could build this nice, usable house in a week that you could start to live in and extend, but still they choose to ship it out in pile, half assembled, essential parts missing.

There has been virtually no real usability development of the system for last few years.

The system that does not constantly evolve and acquire new users is doomed to extinction.

The root of all this seems to be that eZ Systems, who control the code, do not care the slightest about needs and opinions of its nonpaying users. The suggestions and bug reports on issue tracker go without any response for years and inquiries about future plans on the forum are mostly just ignored. It is very frustrating, bordering on insulting. Many people have just given up.

This has to change.

So I think the only way to save the system is to put people in control who care about it, namely the community. Either eZ Systems will change their attitude and embrace the community to dive the system forward, or they will stagnate further and the public fork will take its place.

I hereby invite everyone to share their minds about what issues the new fork should tackle first and how to manage it to ensure fast evolution.
The project is at its early stage but we chose to go public with it early to avoid the horrible information lockup that has been staple of ez systems recently.

Speak your minds. Share ideas. Hell, share your information! Someone should.

Thursday 12 March 2009 8:08:24 am


That's good news, does it mean the development of ez publish will start again ?

Well done, I'll keep an eye on it.


P.S. How are the git and the svn branch going to be synced ?

Monday 16 March 2009 4:16:46 pm

I added a README file to the GIT repo[1], saying:

"The master branch of this repository is synced via git-svn with the trunk branch of eZ System's SVN repository. The cronjob runs every 10 minutes."

[1] http://git.forge.ymc.ch/?p=ezpublish.git;a=summary

Monday 16 March 2009 5:36:03 pm

Personally, I prefer that eZ Systems quickly straightens the bar so that future developers do not have to make the choice between a community and an official version.

I have bad memories of the community version of the Mambo CMS which gave life to one of the most unstable CMS: Jommla ...


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