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Ez team, would u comment this plz !

Ez team, would u comment this plz !

Tuesday 20 May 2003 8:13:27 pm - 2 replies

Hi ..

I found 3 things, and i think is bug, i had post on bug report also, and i got now comment from you, and this things important from and for all ez32 users !

1. Deleting the objects from DB it`s not clear, what i mean is the code not deleting the object from all the tables in DB, i had made alot of testing about this, and the result is the same. This meaning the query after while will slow down coz of unneeded objects in the DB.

2. Deleting the images from articales or what ever, it`s just deleting the image name from the DB, that meaning the orginal image is still there with 3 copies or more in ez32 folders, even if you click 'remove the image' the result is the same, image still there, this meaning that also the folders will be full unneed images.

3. About Approve workflow, franky it`s on of the best in ez32, but why the approved objects still in inbox after approve it or deny it, and i think in deny case must be delete it from all the db, and in approve case must just delete it from the summery inbox.

thats it, will be great if you gonna fix things, or add it in the new verion or put it as fixes !

Thx for reading my comments.

Tuesday 20 May 2003 8:53:57 pm

1. When you dele an object it's not removed, but moved to the trash. You can delete objects from trash and it will be removed from the database.

2. Is this the same problem as 1? Files should be removed when deled ( from trash ).

3. I agree, this should atleast be moved to a history or something similar. The workflow system will be worked on before the final 3.1 release.

Please let me know if I'm mistaking about 1 and 2. ( I don't have an eZ publish installation here right now ).


Wednesday 21 May 2003 9:51:30 am

Thanks for reply !

About point 1 , you are right, i had forget the trash link happy.gif Emoticon
and about point 2, also you are right trash link, but the image in folder (var\storage\variations) still there, but it`s the big deal coz of the image size !

I didn`t know about approve workflow, coz i just starting with Ez3.2 happy.gif Emoticon

Another thing ...
When you post artical with more than 1 language you need to upload the image for each artical, i know you will say maybe the admin wanna put for each language image, but will be nice if he have the option to use the same image from another language.



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