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Monday 03 January 2011 2:07:45 pm - 3 replies

Anybody knows what this does and why it makes my template stop outputting?

It seems like this line:


stops the template from displaying any more content from my class.

I'm modifying an existing template, and this line was in it (made by some developers) and I'm not sure what it does... and why it's there...

The ez.docs doesn't seem to give me a lot of info...

any thoughts?

Monday 03 January 2011 3:20:51 pm


Hi Torbjørn,

This is not a valid template language statement at all, explaining the error you get. One way of making sure this is triggering an error is to enable the debug output in the page. You can do so by following the instructions given there : http://share.ez.no/forums/developer/feedback-form-template/comment64619

Should you need the result of this call in your template, encapsulate it in a template operator : http://share.ez.no/learn/ez-publi...ping-ez-publish-extensions/(page)/10

Let us know how things go,

Tuesday 04 January 2011 10:12:14 am


I don't need it, or at least I think I don't need it. I'm just wondering why somebody put it there and what it does....

So what you are saying is that this statement should not be in any template, and explains why further class extractions in my template fails? and in short - it does nothing else but disrupt the template?


Tuesday 04 January 2011 10:17:53 am

and in short - it does nothing else but disrupt the template?

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You can safely remove this.



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