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ezContentStaging versions

ezContentStaging versions

Monday 29 October 2012 5:12:31 pm - 3 replies

hello there,

I'm not really sure which version of ezcontentstaging I should use.

I found beta 0.1 there:

then the dev version (0.2-dev) there

and finally a link talking about version 1.x but not saying where to download it:

I'm using community version 2012.6



Monday 29 October 2012 5:21:47 pm

The community version is the one in, the 1.0 is a stabilized version available via Enterprise downloads in service portal if you have a subscription, but functionality wise they are the same.

Monday 29 October 2012 8:09:50 pm

To be more precise: version 0.2 of the community version is meant to be functionality-wise on the same level as version 1.0-Enterprise, but I never got around to releasing it.

If there is interest for it, I might take the final step and release it (maybe renaming the 0.2 version to 1.0 to keep it in sync with the Enterprise numbering).

But I have little spare time, and will not be able to devote much time to further evolving the project - unless the community steps up to it...

Tuesday 30 October 2012 11:21:39 am

Thank you for your replies.

I've installed the 0.2-dev version from git, but I can't get it to work properly.

I do have a new Content staging item in the admin menu (pointing to contentstaging/feeds), but clicking on it returns a page not found error.

Besides, I cannot see all the 'stage' event types mentioned in the documentation.

It's probably that the extension is not installed properly, but I'm not sure what I could have done wrong (I enabled it, then cleared the cache and regenerated the autoloads)


Edit: ok, the bug was a typo in the extension name (ezcontenstaging, without the 't' )

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