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ezfind can't use solr function (frange)

ezfind can't use solr function (frange)

Tuesday 13 March 2012 6:14:55 pm - 1 reply


I tried to use "frange" function. This filter query function can create a range query over a function.

I try to return all points less than 20km from another point. but ez find doesn't accept "{".

For the moment my query is :


and i tried to add in my filter query something like:


without success !

and geofilt function doesn't work too. can you help me ?

solR 3.1 - eZ 2011.9 - eZfind 2.5.0-dev

Wednesday 14 March 2012 9:25:33 am


I had a similar thing to do for a client of ours and updated ezfind to make it work. I opened a pull request but eZ crew asked for changes I still haven't had time to make.

Anyway, my current implementation can be found at and the pull request contains a short explanation :


Hope it helps




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