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ezfind in multisite environnement

ezfind in multisite environnement

Thursday 31 December 2009 2:09:18 pm - 5 replies


What is the good way to setup ezfind in an ezpublish multi-sites environnement ? How does updatesearchindex occurs when you have multiple sites ?

Thank you

Wednesday 06 January 2010 2:17:27 pm

Hi Martin

eZ Find works perfectly in a multi-sites environment with only one Solr installation. In fact, eZ Find registers a "site ID" for each website, so that the solr indexes won't melt. Each time you'll make a query via eZ Find, it will embed your current site ID with your query.

Besides, you'll be able to make multi-site searches, depending of your eZ Find configuration. It's pretty well explained in eZ Find doc blunk.gif Emoticon.

Wednesday 06 January 2010 3:10:49 pm

Hello Jerôme,

This is great news i am beginning to implement ezFind on my different website and it look amazing.

I have another question : Does ezFind fetch function (php and operator) fully support all types of solr queries ?


Wednesday 06 January 2010 3:46:07 pm

Hi Martin, what types of solr queries do you mean?

We haven't enabled all of them, especially Solr 1.4 has many more parameters to expose in eZ Find

Again on the topic of multi site handling: in general, the best is to have every site using its own Solr index for the relevance calculations.

You can use one Solr instance/servelt container to serve multiple indexes as well, each of them optimally served. Take a look at this possible config to do so:

FYI: this config will also be a possibility from ez find 2.2 for having better support for multilingual sites (each index optimally configured for the language dependent analysis parts and also spellchecker, synonyms, .... per language)



Monday 01 February 2010 3:58:24 pm

Hi Martin,

Could you safely move on on your multisite eZ Find setup ?


Wednesday 21 September 2011 2:31:29 pm

Hello...after a year happy.gif Emoticon

I still have a problem with ezfind - which is definitely not a user friendly tool :

  • I have two ezpublish installations (one for dev one for production)
  • Siteaccesses are the same on both installations
  • When a website in dev & production is using ezfind then indexes and results are totally wrong :
    • When updating solr index on site A results are messed up on site B
    • When updating solr index on site B results are messed up on site A

What data the $site_id (mentionned by Jérôme) used by ezfind to query solr's index relies on ? Is this $site_id only the siteaccess value or is it mixed with ezpublish DocumentRoot ?

How can i repair my problem ? For example is there a way to specify this $site_id on a per siteaccess basis to avoid such siteaccess confusions ?

Thanx in advance.

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