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eZFind moreLikeThis query specifying fields to return

eZFind moreLikeThis query specifying fields to return

Saturday 08 June 2013 6:48:13 pm - 1 reply


I'm having some problems with the eZ Find moreLikeThis fetch function for 5.1.  I've run into a couple of problems with this feature and I'm hoping someone might have some suggestions:

  1. The moreLikeThis fetch function doesn't support the specifying of return fields
    • This I overcame by creating a custom fetch function to handle these parameters.  I then extended the eZSolr class to add handling of these attributes
  2. The biggest issue appears to be from Solr itself.  When you perform a normal fetch via eZFind, the return fields are included in the response header.  However, in a mlt fetch, this field is missing, despite that the doc results contain only the fields I specified.  Because of this, the results built will not include the specified fields unless they are 'meta' or 'as' fields.

Can anyone suggest a way to handle the second problem without having to rewrite the buildResultObjects method?  The only other way I can think of to get around this limitation is to inject the fields into the response header before calling buildResultObjects method.

Thanks in advance,

Thursday 04 July 2013 10:59:56 am

Hi Seiji,

maybe this is a solution for you:

The request to solr for mlt will be formed in ezfeZPSolrQueryBuilder::buildMoreLikeThis
There you can see there are just some hard coded meta fields in the field list (fl).

Of course we dont want to edit in the ez extensions.

I would create a new extension, add a new class implementing ezsolr, and add the method moreLikeThis there.
After the query builder did its work with
$queryParams = $queryBuilder->buildMoreLikeThis( $queryType, $queryValue, $params );
You can add own fields with concat into $queryParams['fl']
You may want to give the "additional fields" in the $params to the function.

Now you can create an own module-fetch-function like moreLikeThis with the additional fields parameter.

Hope this can help you



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