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ezfind + object relations filter

ezfind + object relations filter

Tuesday 05 November 2013 7:41:24 pm - 2 replies

Hi all,

I am stuck with a frustrating problem.

I can't find a way to add an object relations filters with ez find.

I have users and badges. User have a badges attribute (objectrelationlist).

I am looking for a way to retrieve users with a given badge but I can't find the right syntax/example.

It is possible ? (using ez5 in legacy mode).

Thank you so much

Wednesday 06 November 2013 10:31:56 am

eZFind index some extra params for objects relations.

Exemple for objects relations "workplace" of my user class of user Salvador.

<!-- ... -->
<str name="attr_firstname_s">Salvador</str>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___class_identifier_ms"><str>parameter</str></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___class_name_ms"><str>Paramètre</str></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___contentclass_id_si"><int>53</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___current_version_si"><int>1</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___id_si"><int>48738</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___main_node_id_si"><int>48698</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___main_parent_node_id_si"><int>10437</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___modified_dt"><date>2013-07-01T10:22:19Z</date></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___owner_id_si"><int>14</int></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___published_dt"><date>2013-07-01T10:22:19Z</date></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___remote_id_ms"><str>....</str></arr>
<arr name="submeta_workplace___section_id_si"><int>8</int></arr>
<!-- ... -->


So you can trie 


{def $workplace_content_object_id = 115}

{def $filter_workplace = concat('submeta_workplace___id_si:', $workplace_content_object_id)}

{def $user_node_list = fetch(ezfind, search, hash('filter', array(filter_workplace)))}


/ not tested /

/ eZ4 /

Modified on Wednesday 06 November 2013 10:35:10 am by Rémy PHP

Wednesday 06 November 2013 12:30:48 pm

Rémy I owe you a beer ! Thank you very much.

I just had to adapt a bit to match with the name of the badge (not the id). In the index, there is only one id stored but the names are all there.


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