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ezfind : sort_by an object relation

ezfind : sort_by an object relation

Wednesday 08 February 2012 11:42:21 am - 4 replies

I make a fetch with ezfind/search and I would like to sort my results by an object relation. Is anyone knows the syntax ? Because I didn't find it in the documentation.

Modified on Wednesday 08 February 2012 11:42:43 am by Solène Guillot

Tuesday 14 February 2012 3:37:57 pm

Is my English so bad?
Nobody understands my problem or is it too complicated ?

Tuesday 14 February 2012 4:00:26 pm

Hello Solène, 

Your english is good, but the question turns out to be tricky happy.gif Emoticon

Have you tried, as stated in the eZ Find doc, to have the following value in the sort_by parameter : 


where my_object_relation_attribute is the attribute identifier of your "Object relation" attribute ?

Let us know,

Thursday 16 February 2012 9:15:42 am

Thank you for your answer.

You know the forum is generally my last chance, that's why my requests are tricky blunk.gif Emoticon

This code works fine :


But I would like to do something like :


I think it's not possible...

Wednesday 22 February 2012 3:27:40 am

Hi Solène,
Have you had a look at the indexing of your attributes. Have a look how Solr stores the references to the objects/attributes. You can do this through the Solr admin.
You will see things like (examples of course):


You may be able to find the appropriate string there, something like


Hope this helps.


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