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eZMultUpload with PLUpload interface.

eZMultUpload with PLUpload interface.

Thursday 14 February 2013 12:55:17 am

Hi all,

I have recently updated the EZMuliUpload extension to use PLUpload and I thought that others in the community might find it useful as well.

I've done this as my boss kept making requests for drag and drop functionality on uploads.

I also wanted to be able to cater the multi-upload on more than just flash. PLUpload has a series of different runtimes that should allow for any non flash environment. I have defaulted this to HTML5 and it will fall back through flash, gears, silverlight and browserplus.

I have only so far tested it with legacy EZP using the legacy stack from 2012.12 and installs I've been using of 2012.6 in HTML5

I haven't had a chance yet to test it on a mobile device, but it worked in my FF, Chrome and Safari so at present it meets my needs. I will be doing further testing once i get some more time.

I have yet to fully sink my teeth into EZP5 so I haven't been able to test it there. As I get better with EZP5 I will most likely update this even more.

Things I have done to the extension thus far:

  1. Modified the template files to use the plupload interface.
  2. Added some settings to ezmultiupload.ini so that certain features for PLUpload can be set there.
  3. Created a new module view (ezmultiupload/plupload) that PLUpload interacts with to upload the files.
  4. Created a default node view file to handle if there is no override for the content class. This way the user still sees and output (even if it isn't as nice as it could be)
  5. Created a template operator (ezmulit()) that grabs a form token to allow for use with eZFormToken

I have forked the ezmultiupload extension on github as of yesterday so it should be fairly up to date.

If you wish to have a look check it out at

Hope you find it useful big-smile.gif Emoticon

Edit: Oh also I forgot, here's the link to the PLUpload site as well

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