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eZP 5 code profiling

eZP 5 code profiling

Monday 22 September 2014 3:01:58 pm - 4 replies


I need to profile our eZP 5.2 and 5.3 installations, for both base product features as well as custom, Symfony-based REST API implementations.

Which tools are others using for profiling eZP 5? Do you have any tool or methodology recommendations?

I came across a tool called ezperformancelogger and I experimented with it a bit, but I didn't get any performance data logged for custom, Symfony-based REST API invocations.
Is ezperformancelogger a good tool for performance data logging or profiling?
Is it widely used by the developer community?
Any ideas how I could get REST API call data logged?

thanks, marko

Wednesday 24 September 2014 10:42:15 am

Well, you are a lucky guy...

Wednesday 24 September 2014 11:02:21 am

...because I was working on just that yesterday! happy.gif Emoticon

And the result is the following:

The documentation is a bit sketchy, and it is not yet tagged as 0.1, nor available on packagist, so you will have to thinker with it a bit. But I plan to polish it over the weekend - and I welcome feedback. Just be sure to check the master version of ezperformancelogger, where I just pushed more install docs.

I did not test it with Sf REST calls yet, but it should work - even if by default it will only be able to trace eZ4 events (you will have to add your own tracing hooks for any relevant eZ5 events).

The nice thing with it is that it eases usage of xhprof - so you can have fully-detailed profiling information.

As for its adoption by the community - I can only voice for myself blunk.gif Emoticon

Wednesday 24 September 2014 5:03:05 pm

Excellent, thanks Gaetano!

So, ezperformancelogger doesn't fully work with eZP 5.x, right?

Here's my wishlist for the documentation:

  • high level description of design and implementation
  • installation notes or document
  • analyzing data with xhprof
  • how to extend (adding custom tracing hooks for eZ5 events)

The documentation doesn't need to be too verbose, just to-the-point descriptions and pointers to get users started with installation and common customization tasks.

Any other tools for eZP performance analysis you can recommend?

Thursday 25 September 2014 10:17:52 am

Correct, at the moment ezperformancelogger only works when using pure-legacy eZ5 (that is, when you point your webserver root at ezpublish_legacy/index.php, and basically remove all of eZ5 except the legacy stack).

As for docs: installation notes are in the README and INSTALL files in the extension. Lengthy but imho quite complete. Let me know if those are not clear.

Description of design and implementation, and an extra-short tutorial are at - starting at slide 30.

Other tools: just yesterday I was attending a demo of SensioLabs profiler. It is basically XHProf on steroids - offered as a service. You can probably sign up for the beta version and get access keys.

Or sign up fort he beta of the profiler/apm thing from Qafoo.

And of course read slides 1-29 of the set linked above happy.gif Emoticon


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