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ezp module for payment ..exists ?

ezp module for payment ..exists ?

Monday 04 August 2003 12:49:52 pm - 14 replies

Hi ..

I need module or extension for online payment, where can I get .. even if I need to pay money for it !

thx in advance.

Modified on Monday 04 August 2003 1:27:50 pm by Selmah Maxim

Monday 04 August 2003 1:27:19 pm

Hi Selmah,

I know that eZ have one for Paynet, I guess you could pay for this from them.
We are producing one for Worldpay, but its not complete yet, it will be going live with a site we are launching soon. We will release it with its fully tested.

I do feel that getting commerce working is more than writing the module, which i guess you know happy.gif Emoticon What are you deadlines?


Modified on Monday 04 August 2003 1:28:09 pm by Tony Wood

Monday 04 August 2003 1:39:08 pm

Hi tony

I don`t know yet, some of my client asked me about site plan, and i`m thinking to do it with ezp3.2, my 1st site with ezp3.2 almost ready, after that I have to finish 3 DVD-9 authering, after that I have small site to do, then i`ll start with this project.

When you ganna finish your payment module ?
Is the ezp payment module support all kind of cards ?
what about the cost ?

Monday 04 August 2003 1:40:48 pm

From timings eZ 3.2 will be out in September so it will be out before then.
For price, we will release as a contributed module.

Monday 04 August 2003 2:12:26 pm

Great ... I think the timing is perfect .. I hope so happy.gif Emoticon

Monday 08 September 2003 12:55:18 pm

Delay in release? Could you please let us know by when are you surely planning to release?

Tuesday 09 September 2003 10:19:39 am

Our plan is to use 3.2 so we will release not long after 3.2 comes out. Hopefully this will still be in september happy.gif Emoticon


Wednesday 24 September 2003 1:12:26 pm

we all hope it would be as per ez's strict schedule blunk.gif Emoticon

Monday 29 September 2003 7:29:23 am

Has the sample example for payment done? Please do let us know.


Wednesday 22 October 2003 2:59:12 pm




Wednesday 22 October 2003 4:44:55 pm


Its going through Worldpay checking now as the site has been marked as live.
The code will be available once this has been completed.
Sorry I cannot give you exact timescales but we need to fix various issues before we release as you can understand.


Monday 08 December 2003 9:05:37 pm

Hi Tony,

Any news on your WorldPay payment extension?

Thanks in advance !


Eirik Johansen
Netmaking AS

Monday 08 December 2003 11:22:43 pm

check the pubsvn...

they might put it up there soon

Tuesday 09 December 2003 10:10:25 am

It will be this week. Just been on a short break happy.gif Emoticon


Tuesday 09 December 2003 12:32:47 pm

I just went through and tidied up code, ready for pubsvn. We will upload this week.
Sorry for the delay been busy..


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