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EzPayPal with Ezpublish 4.0

EzPayPal with Ezpublish 4.0

Wednesday 02 July 2008 4:39:57 pm - 3 replies

I have updated to Ezpublish 4.0 and like most of you found out the ezPayPal extension does not work in 4.0. I am pretty sure a lot of you have modified the extension to work in 4.0 and that is what I am trying to do. What did you change? I have been messing around with it for a few days and it seems through my testing that everything up front works, takes you to paypal for payment, paypal accepts payment. The problem comes on the return, for some reason it seems that ezpublish does not finish the process. The money is in paypal but ezpublish does not activate the order so you can't get the order page to come up. Any help would be appreciated.


Thursday 03 July 2008 10:40:03 am

There is a PHP5 port of the ezpaypal extension available here:

It has been tested successfully with paypal's sandbox. Not sure if it has been tested in a real production environment yet

Friday 01 August 2008 4:02:51 pm

Well, I tried to use the files in the svn, but it still does not work. It gets to the point and approves the payment in the ezpaypalchecker, and accepts the payment in the ezpaypalgateway, but it doesn't end the pre-checkout workflow and move on to activating the order.

Also, what is the ETA for Ezpublish 4.0.1.

Wednesday 08 October 2008 4:56:12 pm

I have the same problem. It works fine except for modifying the order status.

Any help appreciated.


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