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ezPublish Legacy exclude siteaccess from override

ezPublish Legacy exclude siteaccess from override

Tuesday 05 May 2015 12:47:03 pm - 1 reply

Hi guys, I've an extension for frontend design, in his settings I want to put the override.ini.append.php file,

but if I put it there, the overrides works correctly, but even in admin interface. 

Can I exclude this siteaccess from the overrides?

Tuesday 05 May 2015 1:29:14 pm

Hello Paolo,

Remember when you put settings in extension/(your-custom-extension-name)/settings you are creating global settings overrides, which is why they are negatively affecting the admin siteaccess as well as your user siteaccess.

To directly answer your question: no their is no 'exclude this siteaccess from global settings overrides' by default per-say. That said their are other just as usable solutions to this problem. In the past you could use siteaccess specific extension containing global settings overrides (to keep the settings within an extension). Others would just place the settings override within settings/siteaccess. Today most people find it cleaner to do something like the following..

There are quite a lot of solutions to this problem but one of the best is to use extension siteaccess settings. Depending on the version of eZ Publish you are using, you should be able to place your settings override within: extension/(your-custom-extension-name)/settings/siteaccess/(your-custom-siteaccess-name-directory)/

If you want the settings to affect many user siteaccesses you will need to make duplicate directories+settings files or make duplicate directories+symlinks.

You could also do this within settings/siteaccess/(your-custom-siteaccess-name-directory)/ but most people these days prefer to keep as much custom things within extensions as much as possible.

I hope this helps!



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