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EzPublish with suPHP

EzPublish with suPHP

Wednesday 17 March 2004 1:20:49 pm - 7 replies

Hi I I'm running ezpublish 3.3.2 on a hosted server

After my ISP has installed suPHP , http://www.suphp.org/ it is not possible to acess my admin section, I only get a " Feil / kernel (20) " and

" Modulen ble ikke funnet

Fant ikke den etterspurte modulen corporate_admin.

Mulige grunner for dette er.
Modul navnet var ikke skrevet korrekt, prøv å endre på url'en.
Modulen eksisterer ikke på dette nettstedet.
Nettstedet bruker url'en for sjekking av nettstedstilgang og du skrev ingen, prøv å legge inn ett navn på nettstedstilgangen før modulen i url'en. "
Suggestions ?

Friday 19 March 2004 9:30:17 am

Please turn off caching and post the debug output back in the thread

additionally ask your host for the lastest entries in the error log

Modified on Friday 19 March 2004 9:30:48 am by Björn Dieding@xrow.de

Monday 13 September 2004 2:50:03 pm

I have the exact same problem here. Has anyone come up with a solution to this?

best regards

Monday 13 September 2004 2:54:06 pm

Tell you host to not use suphp.

It is possible to execute the files with the right permissoins by settings a value for User and Group in the vhost. You need the mod_suexec enabled.

That's acutally how we run our webservers.

Monday 13 September 2004 3:41:41 pm

<i>> Tell you host to not use suphp.</i>
Let's just assume that I, for some mysterious reason, cannot change ISP or make them change their settings, ok.

Do you have any ideas how to work around this problem then?

best regards

Thursday 16 September 2004 7:18:02 pm

no sorry

Thursday 16 September 2004 8:31:13 pm

Should we conclude that eZ publish is not compatible with suPHP?

We should get this into the FAQ then.


Friday 29 October 2004 2:00:35 pm

I tried to set up ezPublish today, but failed due to suPHP. Is anyone working on a fix for this? Released soon?


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