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ezselection Key-Value pair within cms, content-type

ezselection Key-Value pair within cms, content-type

Tuesday 07 June 2016 8:39:39 am

Hello, i am new in eZstudio and i am trying to create ezselection-field within some content.
This ezselection-field must contain key-value pair´s like in Dokumentation:
use eZ\Publish\Core\FieldType\Selection\Type;

$settings = array(    "isMultiple" => true,    "options" => array(1 => 'One', 2 => 'Two', 3 => 'Three'));

I dont know, how can i set key-value pairs wihtin cms.
I define some content and add typefield "ezselection". Within ezselection i have only one field "options". And when i am trying to type something like this: "valueA => black" "valueB => white"
It will be rendered by creation of conent: "valueA => black" "valueB => white"
But i need, that it will only shown "valueA" or "ValueB". At the backend it will be mapped on "black" or "white". But within cms, by creatation of content i wanna see only keys, which will be mapped on values and not key => value.
How can i do that?

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