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Thursday 27 June 2013 1:47:37 pm - 2 replies


First of all, i'm using Community Project 2011.12 and I've installed this extension in order to display some flv videos in a player.

When i run the cron it says "0 files to convert" but I have 3 flv files in /var/storage/original/video.

Do you knowhow am i supposed to configure this extension?

Thanks for help


Thursday 27 June 2013 3:18:29 pm

Hi Matthieu,

I'm the original author of ezvideoflv, I'm happy (and a bit surprised) that it is still used even if I don't really maintain it...

On your question: the cronjob script is there to convert videos into flv files so that they can be displayed in the flash player. So if your video files are already in FLV or have already been converted, it's normal that the cronjob does not have anything to do.

As mentioned on the project page, if you want to convert again videos that had already been converted before, you can run:

$ php runcronjobs.php flv -all

Hope that helps


Thursday 27 June 2013 10:54:38 pm

Good evening,

ok that makes sense.

Thank you happy.gif Emoticon


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