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Fetch objects and sort them by download_count

Fetch objects and sort them by download_count

Sunday 29 September 2013 9:42:10 pm - 1 reply


I'm working on a project of a publishing house. I have all the magazines and books archived as objects of a class named "publication", that includes as one his attributes a file.
I need to display a list of the 5 most downloaded "publications", but without success.

I've already searched the ez forums, and found only one solution that is making an extended Attribute Filter:

Do anyone have a more simple solution?
I already had a look at the documentation regarding the extended attribute filter, but have some questions yet:

1. How should I extract information to the ezPublish mySQL database from the new created PHP class?

2. Is there any ez documentation that can help me?
Above the documentation that I found:



Thanks in addvance for any answers.

Tuesday 01 October 2013 4:28:23 pm

Hello Fátima Chapri,

The best way to sort fetches or searches by download count is the extended attribute filter.
And there is also a bit of prework necessary to be able to use the filter.
Because by default eZ Publish does not to a writing access to the database for every download.

You need to have the downloads in a module to save the downloads.
Then you can write the SQL parts into an extended attribute filter.

But if you want to have a simple solution, maybe you want to use somehing not so acurate.
I mean a sort by admin order. You can probably grep the files in the access log, and adjust the admin order once a week.

Yes, that is dirty indeed, but the other option is a lot of work, and also not good performance when downloading files.




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