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Fetch Option Items in Selection with PHP

Fetch Option Items in Selection with PHP

Tuesday 21 February 2012 3:33:26 pm - 2 replies


I want to fetch the options which I created within a Selection in a class. I want to do this in a PHP class.

I tried eZContentClass::fetchByIdentifier but I didn't get the options.

Any Ideas how I can fetch the options?
Thanks in advance.


Tuesday 21 February 2012 4:20:09 pm


after fetching your classAttribute....

you can fetch option like this:

assuming that $oClassAttribute is your option attribute

if($oClassAttribute&& $oClassAttribute->attribute('data_type_string') == 'ezselection')

//eZSelection :: DATA_TYPE_STRING smile signe appears if i do write properly :p


$classContent = $oClassAttribute->attribute('content');

$options = !empty($classContent['options'])? $classContent['options']: array();


@see: kernel/classes/datatypes/ezselection/ezselectiontype.php@classAttributeContent

to see how the content is built


Does this help

Modified on Tuesday 21 February 2012 4:21:45 pm by Ousmane KANTE

Tuesday 21 February 2012 4:36:52 pm

That was the hint I needed.

Thank you very much!


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