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Fetch path_array directly in PHP

Fetch path_array directly in PHP

Tuesday 19 January 2010 11:45:17 am - 2 replies

Hi there,

I would like to know how to fetch the path_array of a node from PHP.

I tried something like this :

$object = eZContentObject::fetchByNodeID($node_id);
$url = $object->attribute("path_array");


$path = new eZPathElement(array("id" => $node_id));
$path_array = $path->getPathArray();

But I still not able to get the path_array for a defined node_id.

Could someone help me ?



Modified on Wednesday 24 March 2010 9:18:53 am by Damien MARTIN

Tuesday 19 January 2010 2:31:40 pm

You should fetch a node - not an object.

Try this:

$mynode = eZContentObjectTreeNode::fetch( $node_id );
$my_path_array = $mynode->attribute( 'path_array' );

Please notice that you will get an array in $my_path_array - not URL.

Kind regards


Modified on Tuesday 19 January 2010 2:36:57 pm by Jarosław-- Heba

Tuesday 19 January 2010 2:38:28 pm

Thank you very much Jarosław,

It works very well.


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