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fetch the url of the image

fetch the url of the image

Wednesday 28 May 2014 5:48:33 pm - 5 replies


I am a begginner for ez publish.i want to know how to get the path of a image in  an ez publish template.

image name is logo.

i have tried with this ,

  {let sub_nodes=fetch( 'content', 'list',

 hash( 'parent_node_id',


 'depth', 1,



) )}

{foreach $sub_nodes as $sub_node}

<img src ={$sub_nodes.data_map.logo.url|wash}</>





this code is in page layout.tpl . But this doesn't work .if any one have some idea please help me. 

Modified on Thursday 29 May 2014 2:30:32 am by upeksha ranawaka

Wednesday 28 May 2014 6:26:46 pm

Have you fetched your node correctly in pagelayout ? I could not read your code quite fine.


if yes you can simply show it with this code:

{attribute_view_gui attribute=$yournode.data_map.logo  image_class='large'}


you can have more info here.

Wednesday 28 May 2014 6:30:14 pm

I forgot welcome you on board and ez community happy.gif Emoticon

Thursday 29 May 2014 2:32:27 am

Thank you for the warm welcome of ez community.happy.gif Emoticon.

I am sorry for the mistake.I have updated the code.

Friday 30 May 2014 5:21:21 am

That works perfectly for that issue.Thank you.happy.gif Emoticon

Friday 30 May 2014 12:30:52 pm

It was my pleasure and happy to hear that


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