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Fetching on 2 attributes from 2 different classes

Fetching on 2 attributes from 2 different classes

Monday 04 June 2012 4:32:45 pm - 3 replies


As mentioned here:

Can someone confirm writing a fetch with an attribute_filter on attributes from different classes actually does not work?


Best regards,


Tuesday 05 June 2012 5:50:47 am

Hi Jean Luc,

I confirm. The only best way to do that is to use eZfind's fetch.



Tuesday 05 June 2012 9:14:43 am

If for some reason you can't use ezfind it is possible to make an extended_attribute_filter. If you get stuck, I could pull some example code if I find it happy.gif Emoticon

Tuesday 05 June 2012 4:54:49 pm

Thanks for your answers!

We don't use ezfind, but I was thinking about an extended_attribute_filter, won't need help, thanks again.


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