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File & Folder Permissions in 5.0

File & Folder Permissions in 5.0

Friday 26 April 2013 3:48:06 pm - 1 reply

Hi Guys,

I've been following the 5.0 install path -

Under "Setting up folder permission" the following commands are given:

cd /<ezp5-root>/
chmod -R a+rwx ezpublish/{cache,logs,config} \

Wouldn't setting the permissions to 777 pose a security risk in a production environment?


Modified on Friday 26 April 2013 3:49:46 pm by Gareth Arnott

Wednesday 01 May 2013 11:45:34 am

A detailed explanation of file permissions for ezp. (Thanks Gaetano!)

You should make sure that a few users have full access (R+W) to those folders/files:

- apache webserver user (e.g. www-data)
- user account you use to deploy / run one-off cli scripts
- user account used to run cronjobs

For my installation all the above are run as www-data. Running things as root can cause problems with locked and uneditable files further down the line.

So the permissions are:

Owner: <any, usually www-data>

Group: <www-data>

Permission: 0664 (u=rw, g=rw, o=r)

Some special files have executable rights where needed.

It would be good to get something a bit like this added to the confluence page...


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