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Filter by gmap location and object relations attributes.

Filter by gmap location and object relations attributes.

Wednesday 11 January 2012 6:25:30 am - 1 reply

Hi all,

I've got a situation where I have a content class that has a gmap location (location) and an object relations (category) attribute in it.

I usually have no trouble with either individually using the extended attribute filter and a EOR Filter or gmap location extension. It seems doing both of these in 1 fetch is the trouble.

I've tried to use nxc_extendedfilter but don't seem to be able to get both filters to work at one time. The first filter that gets read is the one that's used. Again I can get them to work individually but not at once.

I thought this meant I needed to go and make my own custom extended attribute filter to complete the task but am now a heap more confused that when I started lol.

I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me how they have pulled this off.

Cheers! big-smile.gif Emoticon

Thursday 12 January 2012 10:23:24 am

Hi Daniel,

Used a fetch with an attribute_filter or an extender attribute filter are not a really great practices. Because both of them increase mysql queries. 

A better and easier way is to use ezfind to fetch your content. And it ll simplify your life for this case happy.gif Emoticon



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