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Wednesday 17 September 2014 5:19:05 am - 4 replies

Hi ,

in ez publish where should we define the home page.can we create a separate template and   call it as homepage?


please can anyone can give me an example?

Wednesday 17 September 2014 7:35:54 am

Hello upeksha,

Your 'HomePage' ask known as the RootNode is located at:

Yes! You can override the template used for the 'HomePage'.

Simply customize the template override rules used in settings/siteacess/example/override.ini.append.php


You can change MatchFIle setting to MatchFile=full/custom_frontpage.tpl for example

By default you don't even have to customize the template override rules in the above example ini settings you can leave them alone and simply create a customized template override.

Simply copy for example the default template override 'extension/ezwebin/design/ezwebin/override/templates/full/frontpage.tpl' to 'extension/customdesignextension/design/ezwebin/override/templates/full/frontpage.tpl'  and edit the template file to meet your own custom needs.

Remember to clear all caches to see your changes! This example assumes you already have a custom design extension to store your custom template overrides within.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.


Wednesday 17 September 2014 12:28:09 pm

As a small complement of nformation to the detailed explanation by Heath:

if you want to keep your homepage as node number 2 (it makes sense by default to have the homepage being the top-content-node in the site), but you do not like the content class which it uses, you might find it hard to remove that node and create a new one of a different class.

The tip on how to achieve this is:

1. define the new content class for your homepage, and create a node of this class, somewhere in the content tree

2. click on the context-menu of the root node, in the navigation menu on the left, choose advanced -> swap node, then swap it with the new node

3. delete the old homepage

Thursday 18 September 2014 6:05:55 am


Thank you very much Gaeteno and Heath.And can I change the default pagelayout.tpl  to another tpl file I have created?.

Thursday 18 September 2014 10:15:34 pm

Hello upeksha,

Short answer: Yes. Yes you absolutely can using any one of several methods.

The best way to do this is with a design extension template override with no ini settings changes needed.



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